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Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, circa 1951, as husband and wife starring in “Caesar & Cleopatra,” a theatrical play.

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Laurence Olivier in Wuthering Heights (William Wyler, 1939)

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Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier

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Laurence Olivier on the set of the Clash of the Titans, England, 1979. Photographed by Eve Arnold.

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Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, and Arthur Miller during a press conference for The Prince and the Showgirl.


Laurence Olivier in Oedipus.


Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh in the Old Vic production of Hamlet.  Kronborg Castle, Elsinore, Denmark.  1937

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Hi everyone, welcome to our class of Beautiful People 101.

 Why that face Olivia.

She’s deep in thought, calculating how long the route home would take in order to surprise Errol by showing up on his doorstep in nothing but a trench coat.

 L M A O. And all that while she drinks her apple martini striking a poker face.

There’s also a Lili Damita Perfect Murder plot swimming around in the depths of those big, brown, seductress eyes.

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I think we must have just finished lunch; I know we were sitting at a table in the small winter garden of a porch at Durham Cottage and that it was daylight.  It came like a bolt out of the blue, like a drop of water, I almost thought my ears had deceived me: “I don’t love you any more.”

I must have looked as stricken as I felt for she went on, “There’s no one else or anything like that, I mean I still love you but in a different way, sort of, well, like a brother”; she actually used those words.  I felt as if I had been told that I had been condemned to death.  The central force of my life, my heart in fact, as if by the world’s most skillful surgeon, had been removed.  It left me agasp but not gasping; it was as if I had been rendered forever still inside, like a fish in a refrigerator.  It had always been inconceivable that this great, this glorious passion could ever not exist, like a crowned head after the execution.  Some while later a close friend (Noel Coward) said to me tha I should have kicked her out, or upped and outed myself; that I should never have endured in silence such humiliation apparently for the sake of appearances.

The fact was I couldn’t move; it would be some time before I could entirely take it in, grasp it, or wholly believe it.

—Laurence Olivier in Confessions of an Actor

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A candid picture of Greta Garbo with then-lover and co-star, John Gilbert.

Many things have been written and said about our friendship”, Garbo said in the one interview in which she ever publicly referred to Gilbert. “It is a friendship. I will never marry… But you may say that I think John is one of the finest men I have ever known, American or otherwise. He is a real gentleman. He has temperament. That is, he gets excited - has much to say sometimes- but that is good. I am very happy when Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer say I am to do a picture with Mr. Gilbert. He is so fine an artist; he lifts me up and carries me along with him. It is not just a scene I am doing - I am living.”

The beginning of the fall of the great John Gilbert, was on the day he elaborated a wedding, September 8, 1927 with Greta Garbo. When Garbo changed her mind, did not appear, and left John alone at the altar, Gilbert had a terrible row with studio boss Louis B. Mayer after Mayer stated to John, “What do you have to marry her for? Why don’t you just screw her and forget about it?” Gilbert flew into a rage, attacked and punched the magnate. 

From Laurence Olivier’s autobiography: “It was the first flop I have ever heard of for [Ina Claire] — unless you count her marriage to John Gilbert, which was an unkind, empty gesture on his part, taking advantage of a young female’s flattered fascination simply in order to parade it in front of Garbo and snap his fingers at her. Garbo, of course, wore a more mocking expression than ever, doing the slow nod and keeping it up pretty steadily, for all the world like an automatic model in a shop window, while poor Gibert went m-a-a-a-d and his pretty, sprightly, bubbling young bride couldn’t make out what could be the matter.”

JFC this just all sounds like such a mess