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Anonymous asked: i'm not sure if i agree with you about the power imbalance thing. snow white was the directors first movie. he was directing commercials before this. kstew at that point had already been acting pretty much her whole life, and was involved in a huge franchise. lets be real she clearly had more power than him. both are equally to blame imo. he's still a bigger asshole though because he's way older and is married and has 2 kids.

I don’t mean star power, I mean the fact he’s twice her age with twice as much life experience as a result, plus he was already tied down for a decade and a half with a woman with kids. Between the two, he’s the one that has the most common sense to say, “we both have a lot to lose, this is ridiculous. Here is a gorgeous, passionate, young girl but I’m not going to milk that for my own gain.” Even despite the fact Kristen has more prowess on her resume, the man is still her boss, hence the towering presence he has over here. Kristen is still an impressionable young kid who blatantly is not comfortable in her body and personality just yet. She’s moldable, and older men often take advantage of that when someone younger shows interest.  

Anonymous asked: i know you like her so just wondering, what do you think of all this kstew drama?

I feel insanely bad for all parties involved to the point where it’s difficult to express, lmao. I’m very invested. I have to say that while Liberty and Rob are 100% the victims in all of this, I feel a lot of sadness for what Kristen and Director Dude have to go through as well. Yeah, they were deceitful, and that’s terrible, but I feel like monogamy isn’t for everyone and when you’re already trapped within those confines for years on end, trying to make a clean break is difficult and anxiety inducing. I’m not excusing what they did, but still. I think it’s important to keep in mind that Kristen is very much a kid and has been in serious relationships since she was 15 years old, and the person she cheated with is her vastly older boss. There’s a power imbalance there that’s important to take note. At the end of the day, Director Dude is the one with years worth of foresight and a longstanding marriage to know what the “right” decision to make is. I hope Liberty and Rob are able to be in loving, trusting relationships after this. I hope Kristen doesn’t demonize herself too much. Shitty situation all around. 

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Nicole Scherzinger says lingerie is the real power of a woman.
What’s your power like today? (x)

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