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The November issue of Vogue India spotlights wedding style in this marvelous shoot photographed by Signe Vilstrup {x}

Vogue India is amazing 

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She then saw in his mouth the whole eternal universe, and heaven, and the regions of the sky, and the orb of the earth with its mountains, islands, and oceans.

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Painting for Jordan Desmarais, the winner of my Facebook contest

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The Travancore Sisters were a famous dancing trio and one of them, Padmini, was a major star in South Indian cinema and also acted in Hindi films

Betsy Woodman’s family lived next door to the sisters and her blog is full of fascinating details about both expat life in India in the 50s (her mother also learnt dance while in India) and the everyday lives of the sisters. The picture here is from her family album and appears thanks to her.  I love the matched nature of the outfits, the little embroidery details on the blouses. And that they carry off the doubled up plaits. And am wondering if the brassiere (really an inner bodice) is handmade as was quite common back then. 

 Used by permission of the Woodman family - source here

PS: The sisters dancing in an early film

Mehreen Syed

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Srimati Usha Chatterji, 1949

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Amrita Singh

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Lal Patthar (1971)

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