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Don: The only person in the world who really knew me.
Peggy: That’s not true.

(via itsdelovely)

(via itsdelovely)


“It was so obvious that the one shred of self-respect she had left was in her conception of herself was ‘beating’ Don by having a husband. Now Don is like ‘Whoops, I’ve got everything back again and win forever.’ And yet, I can’t help but feel that they should get back together. You’ve had your stupid experiment, guys. You’re both terrible! Be terrible together! It will be like the Parent Trap, but with mutual spiteful loathing and a lot more alcohol.”

Videogum’s review of the Mad Men season finale

You know, this is typically not in my nature at all, but I had such a large dose of satisfaction from this scene where Betty hopes to catch a glimpse of Don and be ~lovely for him and he just drops the big news that he’s engaged. My sympathy for both these characters has pretty much evaporated, but still man.