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Magnificent use of religious imagery on a suit of armor.

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shoulderblades: Salvador Dalí for vogue paris, december 1971

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Jamie Chung as Mulan in Once Upon A Time

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by N.C. Wyeth

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Basket-hilted Sword at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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The Lay of the Campaign of Igor by Boris Olshansky.

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The Angel of Death - George Frederic Watts (1870)


The art of the pen calligraphy from the court of the Emperor Rudolf II



In order from top to bottom: 

1. Thrusting Sword, German ca. 1550, pommel and quillon with burled decor. 

2. Hand and a Half Sword, German ca. 1520, with blade inscription and crucifix. 

3. Hand and a Half Sword, German ca. 1530, flower-bud shaped pommel and quillon ends, the blade with smith’s markings of JOHANNES HOPPE, Solingen. 

4. Battle Sword, German ca. 1600, the blade with imperial orb marks. 

5. Hand and a Half Sword, German ca. 1580, the blade with smith’s marks 

Source: Image and description Copyright Fricker Historical Weapons 

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Barred Visor of a Close Helmet, Italy, 1600 AD

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From The heroicall devises of M. Claudius Paradin, 16th century.

Lord, teach me Thy paths.

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