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Jeanette Loff in the two-strip Technicolor extravaganza The King of Jazz (1930).

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Barbara Stanwyck in The Bitter Tea of General Yen, 1933

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Stage Door (1937)

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Gold Diggers of 1933.

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Norma Shearer
The Divorcee (1930) 

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Mother and Daughter, Maghreb, 1930s by Jean Besancenot

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Chorus girl, Hope Chandler, in the dressing room backstage at the Paradise cabaret restaurant in New York City, 1937. Photo by Peter Stackpole.

This photo was featured on the cover of LIFE Magazine when she was just 16 years of age and was named the “Prettiest Girl in Paradise”. David Whitmire Hearst, son of William Randolph Hearst, noticed her on the cover and promised that he would marry her before she was snatched up by another suitor. They married in 1938 and they remained together happily for 48 years until his death in 1986. Hope passed away in January 2012.

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Princess 1-Vijayaraje Scindia in the 1930s in a gold bordered sari. 

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“Many of her films seem to reflect her life, as if she was living in her films” - Sun Dongmei

Considered by some as the greatest silent film produced in China, The Goddess exemplifies 1930s Chinese realist filmmaking and remains the showcase of legendary Shanghai film star, Ruan Lingyu. Her sorrowful beauty, colored by real-life tragedy, and unusually realistic acting style culminated in “images of women of different social strata who were maltreated to death under the feudal code of ethics”. Depicting a shamed, suffering young mother in Shanghai driven to prostitution, the film “bravely avoided the cliched ‘prostitute with a heart of gold’ portrayal, [instead becoming] a social critique of contemporary China; an environment which could force a woman to such extreme actions in order to survive.” In real life, those extremes were reached at the apex of her career, when malicious gossip from the press drove Ruan to suicide at the age of 24, shocking the public and drawing a crowded funeral of thousands. Her abrupt death led to intense scrutiny on tabloid media. “She was a victim of society and the lowly status of women then,” says Liu Xiaolei, a professor from the Beijing Film Academy. China’s first actress to earn widespread acclaim, Ruan was the subject of Stanley Kwan’s acclaimed 1991 biopic Centre Stage starring Maggie Cheung. (1, 2)

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Morocco, 1930

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Lotus Long (July 18, 1909 - September 14, 1990) in 1935’s Last of the Pagans

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Arabian Nights by Rolf Armstrong 1930

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Virna Haffer - Mina Quevli, circa 1930


Marlene Dietrich, photographed by Mercedes de Acosta in Paris, 1933

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Famous women pilots preparing to take part in the 1934 Memorial Day air races at Dycer Airport. In front row kneeling is Gladys O’Donnell, who last year entered seven races and won six. Seated is Ruth Elder, famous flying beauty. Standing left to right: Kay Van Doozer, Myrtle D. Mims and Clema Granger.