I need more athletic friends. I want people to go hiking with, play hockey with, go running with, take motorcycle classes with. There is so much untapped potential to do this summer and everyone is just not on my level 

actually they are, I just need some people that want to branch out because all of these interests of mine are newly minted and I need to find a crowd that’s well versed in this kind of steez. I’ve been using romance the past few years a way to feel exhilarated and alive, but around March I’ve knocked it off and began replacing the high I felt with others with the high I got from adrenaline and it feels so much conductive to my emotional health. 

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    Wow… this has actually been my mind state for the past few weeks prior to this budding summer depression. I just have...
  2. imcastortroy said: i would totally go hiking with you, dude! i really need to start being more active
  3. femmefetus said: I need a hiking/running friend too :( Although I do love doing that ish alone; It’s a good change. I think cultivating these things outside of relationships is important, esp. as a woman.
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