Thoughts while watching The Great Gatsby trailer

  • lmao
  • lmao
  • lmao 
  • was that amitabh bachchan
  • lol 
  • wow it’s incredible this trailer is only approximately two minutes long 
  • a true testament to how gnashingly bad each new cut to the next scene is 
  • pretty sure f. scott fitzgerald’s point was that diasy didn’t give a flying fuck about gatsby but okay 
  • vincent kartheiser 
  • vinny
  • k
  • tho
  • predestined to play nick from conception 
  • feel like baz was trying to do for scotty fitz what sofia coppola did for marie antoinette 
  • but
  • lol 
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    The trailer is nice to look at, but already looks inaccurate. Diasy definitely didn’t give a fuck about Gatsby, and her...
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