Joan Fontaine wearing an epic hat.


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 what fresh fucketry is this?

“change your FB profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood. the goal? to not see a human face on FB until MONDAY, DEC6TH. join the FIGHT AGAINST CHILD ABUSE!”

yourveryeyes asked: It's some shit to stop child violence by making your profile picture of one of your favourite child cartoons.

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Happy Birthday, you frustrating son of a bitch.

Yeah man, but I’m pretty sure every civilization since the dawn of man has been filled with a plethora of non-thinkers in comparison to the ones that are naturally embracing of intellect and  exercise their free will with such.

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pantlessalcoholic-deactivated20 asked: I love you.

I love you

Ugh I wanted so badly to be in a complicated relationship with myself, way to NOT accurately represent who I am as a person and my life, fuckface book.

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Yes, ugh Southern California is so fucking majestic okay, everyone here is pretty friendly for the most part even if it is a ~*facade in the more wealthy areas where everyone is essentially the snootiest snoot that could ever be classified as a bourgeoisie, but you know what FUQ IT California is the unicorn of the United States, allright. I love how everyone is so energetic all the time - every time I go visit my buddies in Northern California it’s like.. okay, this is cool, I appreciate how deeply everyone is chilling here. This is a fun thing to do for a weekend. But to perpetually marinate in that vibe, and on top of that IT’S ALWAYS FUCKING COLD? God no. I like my west coast with a slice of paradise, thank you.

I find myself begrudgingly shipping this against my free will.

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Vivien Leigh and Cary Grant. I’ve never seen such perfection in one pic.

is this picture real…?!


OMG how did my two favorite people get in one pic? 


YOU GUYS LOOK WHAT I MANAGED TO DO TODAY. I MADE MYSELF FOOD. A cheese omelet with wheat toast, and orange juice mixed with pomegranate juice to drink. This is a big deal because I’m about as good as participating successfully in domesticity as I am proficient in calculus, so this is progress from my frozen/fast food loving wayz

On that remembered afternoon in 1947, Marlon Brando was still relatively unknown; at least, I hadn’t a clue to who he might be when, arriving too early at the “Streetcar” rehearsal, I found the auditorium deserted and a brawny young man stretched out atop a table on the stage under the gloomy glare of work lights, solidly asleep. Because he was wearing a white T shirt and denim trousers, because of his squat gymnasium physique—the weight-lifter’s arms, the Charles Atlas chest (though an opened “Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud” was resting on it)—I took him for a stagehand. Or did until I looked closely at his face. It was as if a stranger’s head had been attached to the brawny body, as in certain counterfeit photographs. For this face was so very untough, superimposing, as it did, an almost angelic refinement and gentleness upon hard-jawed good looks: taut skin, a broad, high forehead, wide apart eyes, an aquiline nose, full lips with a relaxed, sensual expression. Not the least suggestion of Williams’ unpoetic Kowalski. It was therefore rather an experience to observe, later that afternoon, with what chameleon ease Brando acquired the character’s cruel and gaudy colors, how superbly, like a guileful salamander, he slithered into the part, how his own persona evaporated. — Truman Capote, on first meeting Marlon Brando

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pdaervo-deactivated20120407 asked: Did you configure the Tumblr phone number to your phone number?
Also, you sound and speak just like one of my oldest friends. You is also Eastern Indian? Are you secretly her? And she DJ's her own radio show at UCI so that is a compliment :)

I DID, but for some reason it just wasn’t working last week! Oh well, I think I’ll just do it from my computer from now on since I won’t get cut off in the midst of beautiful story telling~*

I WANT TO BE A LEGIT RADIO PERSONALITY SO BAD. My friend also has a radio show in UC San Diego which I just think is the coolest.


full moon rising over The Parthenon. Athens-Greece

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Why did I make a graphic of the Dear Leader?

Why not. Why. Not.

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When I Grow Old (Bassnectar remix) || Fever Ray

When I grow up
 I want to live near the sea
crab claws and bottles of rum
that’s what I’ll have
staring at the seashell
waiting for it to embrace me



Grilled mozzarella and cheddar cheese with basil on rye bread (by Danielle Scott)

I believe in love at first sight.

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Why did I make a graphic of the Dear Leader?

Why not. Why. Not.


Confession: I have the weirdest Kim fetish. Like, I have pictures of him and Putin all over my desk at work. THINK OF ME WHAT YOU WILL.

While we’re confessing to things: I am totally obsessed with North Korea. (It’s just so WEIRD and FASCINATING and CREEPY and REALLY WEIRD okay. Modern agriculture doesn’t exist there and they call hamburgers “double bread with meat” and groups of high school students stand on the streets and sing patriotic songs to to people coming home from work IT’S RIDICULOUS.)

YES. Before the North Korea crisis I had dreams of, um, going there as a tourist. I’ve watched documentaries on North Korea and read accounts of ~Westerners going there so it’s difficult and dangerous but not impossible to walk away unscathed. I DON’T KNOW WHY I WOULD DO THAT TO MYSELF BUT MY THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE CANNOT BE QUENCHED, ETC. ಠ_ಠ It’s just so interesting what fifty years of isolation can do to a nation from a cultural perspective.

I AM TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH NORTH KOREA TOO. It’s like you’re so scared by it that you’re interested in it or something…I remember watching this documentary where this American guy wanted to go there for this documentary and he made it in only by posing as German because they’re so against America. He didn’t even have to fake an accent or anything because they’re so isolated that they don’t know the difference between American/German/ect. It was a crazy show to watch. I was really surprised by how much footage they got. A lot of it had to be done on the down low.

Oh my God, I would now like to take this opportunity to say that for a good while earlier this year I was fucking obsessed with reading Westerners accounts of sneaking into North Korea posing as Europeans or Chinese citizens -  there was one story in particular of this extremely articulate and perceptive dude marking down his observations in this online journal that was endlessly fascinating, I think he also had a glorious photostream on Flickr with his photographs of various parades and how immaculate the army/the dancers formations were, as if they weren’t even human. It almost looks like an artificially more pleasant  1984 or some shit. GOD I WOULD LOVE TO GO IF I KNEW I WOULD MAKE IT OUT IN ONE PIECE and not have to eat shit food.

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Curtis: What was that?
Alisha: He just got shot in the face and you’re insulting him.
Nathan: He made an obscene gesture, I don’t care if he’s dead there’s no excuse for rudeness.

Misfits 2x04

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